Determining Old Results of the Mizoram State Lottery

Nothing beats the excitement of playing the Mizoram state lottery with all the amazing prizes to win. The normal thing for you to do in order to determine if you have won this state lottery is to know the winning numbers from some official press releases and see if the numbers match those that are indicated in your lottery ticket.

However, there may be times when you are unable to view the most recent lottery results because you may be busy or you just forgot about it. Do not worry because you can still view the winning numbers through various means which are discussed below.

Scrolling Through the Official Website

You can look for the old Mizoram state lottery results from the official website of the Mizoram state lottery. On the homepage, you will see the most recent results. Look at your ticket and determine the date of the lottery. You should then scroll through the bottom of the page to see the date that matches that of your lottery ticket. The winning numbers in this page will be the one that you should compare with your lottery ticket.

Scrolling Through Websites with Lottery Results

There are also multiple websites apart from the official Gazette that you can use to view the old Mizoram state lottery results. An example of such website is Mizoram today lottery result. Not only this website gives the most recent results but it also gives old results. Just scroll through the pages to view the lottery drawn numbers that will match that of your ticket.

Old Newspapers

Lottery results are not just released online. They are also included in local newspapers. Therefore, you can purchase or borrow some old newspapers from the past few days to know the winning numbers for your lottery ticket. You should then determine if you have won the Mizoram state lottery. If not, better luck next time.

Page Search

To make your search a lot faster and easier, you can just do a page search. Once you are at the portal or website that releases Mizoram state lottery results, click on the search bar then type in the numbers you have included in your ticket. The website will give you the result if your numbers match the winning numbers. If not, the website will not give any search results.